Abundant Optimism

Helping people regain and keep an optimistic outlook in challenging circumstances and improve their creativity, mind, and skills.

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9-29-18: Added the articles "Read E-Mails Before Replying to Avoid Embarrassment", "Involve Customers When Making Changes", "Praise Those Whom You Admire", "How Much Does That Meeting Cost?", "Value Your Employees", "Don’t Be the King With No Clothes!", "Color Your Way to Creativity", "Explore Ideas to Keep the Mind Active", "Find Solutions to Problems to Develop the Mind", "Open the Mind to Expand It", "Follow the Path to an Open Mind", "Arrange to Improve Your Mind", "Saving Money by, Well, Saving Money", "Gaining Money Skills for a Better Financial Future", "Grow Your Own Food", "Is it Really Expired?", "Walking to Save Money", "Dress Well Frugally", "Let Spring Bring You Optimism", "Become More Optimistic Through Body Language", "Record Your Successes", "Notice the Positive", "A Goal of Becoming More Optimistic Through Helping Others", "Celebrate Everyday!", "Taking Breaks is a Valuable Skill", "Holidays: A Time for Tolerance", "Identifying Your Skills", "Public Speaking -- Everyone’s Favorite Activity", "Learn Patience While Sharing Joy", "Shock Your Customers".