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Using Multiple New Year’s Days Towards Optimism

by Tamara Martfeld

Happy New Year! As I write this article it is Chinese New Year for 2013. Even if you are not Chinese, celebrate! There is no good reason not to celebrate every holiday on the calendar.

If you made New Year’s goals or resolutions on January 1, you now have a good excuse to start again if things are not working out well. There is still reason to hope for and to reach for success!

New Year’s Day is traditionally a day to let go of old hurts, a day to forgive people, a day for a clean sweep, and a day for new beginnings. Identify the New Year and celebrate whenever things are not going well, someone has hurt you, or you just need a fresh start. You do not have to wait for someone else to identify the new beginning. Identify it yourself. You know when it is needed. Celebrate a New Year on any day. Since it is already ingrained in the mind as a fresh start, it will help you to mentally take a fresh look.

There are several official New Year’s Days throughout the calendar, and in reality, every day starts a new year. Each and every one is a new beginning to which to look forward. There are some that can be identified such as a new lunar year, a new church year, the new year of your life (you may already celebrate this as your birthday), or the start of a year in a different calendar system. In my office I bring in treats at the start of our fiscal year – in July!

How is this being optimistic? By identifying and celebrating more than one New Year you can always start again. You can believe that good will prevail through the eventual success of whatever you are doing. As long as you are working toward your goal or resolution, there is no failure. Failure truly exist only when you stop trying. With a New Year you have the perfect reason to literally or figuratively toss out the bad, hold your chin up high, put on a big smile, and start again.

So have a wonderful New Year, then within the same week, a Happy Valentine’s Day. Celebrate both holidays and have fun!