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Look to the Rainbow for Optimism

by Tamara Martfeld

This is the season for rainbows. To my understanding, this is true whether you are in the northern or southern hemisphere. It is Autumn in the north and Spring in the South, both with the potential for wonderful weather (OK, so I love rain!).

The rainbow has long been a symbol of hope, and for those who are religious, a symbol that the entire earth will never again be flooded. There are rumors of a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow if you can find that end. In the movie The Wizard of Oz it was thought to lead to “a place where there isn’t any trouble”.

Regardless of how you feel about the rain, always look for the rainbow. When you see that rainbow, remember that it is a sign of hope for a better future, hope for whatever problems or issues you have to be resolved in a positive way. Let that rainbow be a trigger for you to be more optimistic about the future. Let it trigger positive thoughts.

So what if there is no rain? Where I live we are in the midst of a drought. If you have no rain, create your own rainbow. You do not need to depend on nature. Look for a fountain which sprays water in the air. Some of these fountains recycle their water and are essentially “drought friendly”. If there is no rain, there may be someone (you?) watering a lawn. The spray from the sprinkler system can create a rainbow. No water? Prisms! A rainbow does not need to be created from water – it is just the diffraction of white light. In my experience, any glass item which is not flat can be used as a prism. Using sun glasses to look at the clouds will sometimes enable you to see “sun dogs” – rainbow in the clouds. Experiment as needed to find your rainbow.

Although rainbows created with water or prisms tend to be more beautiful due to being natural, if neither is available you can always take pens, pencils, crayons, or paint and create your rainbow on canvas or paper. You can also be creative with the expression “a rainbow of color” and let it apply to any colorful item or scene in nature and let it be your rainbow. There are rock formations which show the layers of sediment over the years which now show beautiful streaks of color. A Spring day may present you with a garden or field of many colors of flowers or even many trees of different shades of green. An Autumn day may present you with trees with different colors of leaves, or a forest of evergreens with different colors of green. Sunrises and sunsets frequently are a display of colors. Your rainbow does not need to be of the traditional kind.

Look for your rainbow, and then look to it for the hope and optimism it represents. Mentally immerse yourself in it and imagine the positive outcome you would like to see. Let your imagination flow to all the wonderful things that can happen. Sometimes allowing this freedom of your mind will enable you to find a positive solution to whatever ails you. Letting your mind flow with imagination is one of the ways to open up your creativity. It can also act as a stress reliever since your mind is focusing on positive things instead of the issue at hand. The mental break can do wonders.

Another option is to imagine the rainbow as a road to whatever you consider perfect – where “the dreams that you dare to dream really do come true” (from the song “Over the Rainbow”). Again imagine what that would feel like, what it would look like, and how it would sound. If you can, imagine the steps taken to get there, starting with the last step and working backwards. Again, you may find a solution to your present day situation.

Good Luck! I wish for you a season of rainbows in whatever form they take.

Have a wonderful Halloween or whatever special event you may be celebrating!