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Let Spring Bring You Optimism

By Tamara Martfeld

Spring has fully sprung in my area of the world. The grass is nice a green (a rare site in recent times due to our drought), flowers are in full bloom, trees have new lighter-colored leaves, and the temperature is nice as long as you keep a coat nearby. This is part of the annual renewal process for planet earth. It is also earth’s reminder that there is still beauty to be found and hope for the future. Let earth’s reminder bring you optimism.

As you see the grass growing remember that it was recently unable to thrive due to the very cold temperature or other factors such as the drought I mentioned. There is no way for it to know the weather patterns predicted. It just reacts to the warmer temperatures and the available water. In a real sense it is sticking its neck out in the hope that conditions for it will continue improving. It may not have a mind, but it is acting as if it has optimism for the future. Use its example to look for improving conditions around you and find hope for the future.

The flowers are all around the area. They bloom in gardens where they have been planted, where they “belong”. They also bloom where they “don’t belong” such as in a crack in the sidewalk, in the middle of an area which is supposed to be lawn, and even along roads where cars are releasing exhaust. They act as it they are unstoppable and bring beauty wherever they exist (yes, even that dandelion in the middle of the otherwise “perfect” lawn). Let them be your example to bloom where you are, to be optimistic that you can offer something good wherever you are even if it is in an area where you “don’t belong”. Just as the flowers don’t let the poison of the car exhaust stop them, don’t let the poison of other people thoughts and words stop you. You do have something to offer.

The trees are growing with lighter-colored leaves, leaves that are young and fragile. On a large tree you can see just how little that growth is, but is it is still growth. Use this example to take the courage to grow yourself. In growing you are being optimistic that there is a future for which to grow. You can grow by reading a book you normally would not read, improving the mind through puzzles, talking to new people and exchanging new ideas with them, or taking a class. These are only a few examples of the many ways you can grow.

Use the nice temperature to remind you to find what is most comfortable for you. Identify what conditions are best for you for work as well as play. Identify your ideal situation to be the best you can be. I am not talking about a comfortable rut that you never leave. I am talking about a comfortable, nurturing environment where it is safe to learn new things, experiment, and grow to your full potential. However, remember the coat – be prepared for addressing less ideal situations as they arrive.

There are many other things about spring which can prompt you to find ways to be optimistic. Some examples are the re-appearance of the birds, the nesting of birds and other animals, the fluffy and non-threatening clouds in the sky, spring showers, and the birth of new animals. Spring is the most optimistic season. Let it help you find your own optimism.

If you are looking for a reason to celebrate, May Day (May 1st) is Sunday! It is a traditional celebration of spring. Have a party even if you don’t believe in any of the many meanings attached to the day. Life is too short to not enjoy every minute you can!