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Finding Positives in the Water Feast or Famine

by Tamara Martfeld

One of the longest chapters in my book is about finding the positive side of every situation. This year the media has had several stories regarding the water feast and water famine, or in other words, floods and droughts. Yes, some feasts and famines have had disastrous results. You cannot change those results – you need to just deal with them the best you can by rebuilding, making the best of what you can, and/or starting over. However, even when you cannot change the results you can take a good look at what has happened and find some positives in the situation. Every situation has positives and negatives. It is sometimes difficult to see the positives, but it is important to get into the habit of looking for the positives or the negatives will really get you down.

I have found a few positives for the water feasts and famines. The ones I list are easier to see if you have not faced complete devastation from the water situation in your area. If you have faced complete devastation I hope these lists can help jump start you to finding positives in your own situation. Finding the positives will help you find hope for the future and move on.

Water Feasts (Flood)

1. It is likely that you do not have to worry too much about conserving water this year.

2. Everything has been deep watered. The roots of good plants are probably improved.

3. The air is much cleaner and smells wonderful as compared to what is normal.

4. Everything has been washed. The colors of nature are brighter and more vibrant.

5. Problem areas for heavy downfall have been identified and can be addressed for the future.

6. Emergency systems may have been tested. Problems with the system have likely been identified and future emergencies will be handled better. This is true even if the problems were not recognized by the public.

Water Famine (Drought)

1. If you are on a meter, money may be saved as you find ways to cut your usage. This is true even if the rates are risen (something out of your control). Higher rates at your previous usage would cost you more than at your reduced usage.

2. Politicians might finally be listening regarding the fact that more water storage is needed – just get them to act before they forget what is happening (good luck).

3. Communities may start allowing non-lawn landscaping – start allowing the homeowner more latitude in how his/her property looks.

4. Public authorities are finally addressing the water wasting of businesses and in public areas.

5. You now have a good excuse for a brown lawn and no yard work without being called lazy. Instead of lazy, you are now a responsible citizen!

6. You now have a good excuse to drink non-local-water drinks such as beer, wine, soda bottled outside your area, and other not-so-healthy items. Alternately, you have the excuse to splurge on fancy water from another location at the premium price.

And if you are one of the lucky ones without a water feast or famine?

1. You have been able to enjoy whatever winter weather is normal in your area without worrying whether this will be the storm that break the banks or if it will bring significant needed rain.

2. You do not need to listen to politicians and “experts” trying to tell you how to live your life with less water.

3. You do not need to rebuild your house or you community due to the devastation caused by floods.

4. You can learn from the experiences of others. If an area was flooded you can compare it to your area and see if some of the problems causing the destruction exist in your area and fix them (for example, better drainage in a given area or sandbags being available). If an area is in drought you can look to them for ideas to save water in your home to reduce costs generated by the water meter.

5. You might be able to point your politician’s focus on some of the issues other communities had and get them to act on prevention strategies (good luck).

6. Your activities this summer do not have to revolve around dealing with the effects of unusual winter weather.

Whatever your situation, remember that you lived through it. I know this because you are reading this article. It is said that when we live through a tragedy it makes us stronger. Believe that is true and use that added strength to move on. I sincerely hope that any bad effects from the winter weather in your area only brought inconvenience at the worst.

Whatever your situation, I challenge you to find at lease 5 more positives for your situation. Use whatever your situation is as an exercise to help you think in a more positive light. Again, you cannot change the past. You can only accept it and move on while dealing appropriately with the present situation. Learning to find the positives in every situation is a key to being a much more optimistic person.