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Celebrate Everyday!

By Tamara Martfeld

Many people do not know it, but almost every day is an official holiday for something. I only say “almost” because I have not taken the time to confirm that there is something official for every day of the year. If nothing else, many days are official food holidays.

For example, in America June 2nd is national doughnut day, June 3rd is national egg day, June 4th is national cheese day, etc. Just Google “food holidays” and you will find many results (my search stated there were 677,000,000 results). Not American? And? Use the American example of celebrating. On Cinco de Mayo many Americans are celebrating, and many have no Mexican background. St. Patrick’s Day is another holiday many Americans celebrate in spite of being neither Irish nor Catholic. Both days are opportunities to enjoy a celebration, have fun with friends, and in some cases, get to know a little about what is being celebrated.

For the food holidays, you can celebrate by enjoying the food of the day. This can be using the opportunity to enjoy a food which might usually be forbidden in your diet, such as the doughnuts on June 2nd. It can also be using the opportunity to try something you have not had before, such as a new (to you) cheese on June 4th. If you read through the list of food holidays you will note that there is a good mix of healthy food and food not considered healthy. I say food not considered healthy because 1) any good nutritionist will tell you that you need just about everything in your diet, you just need to keep it in overall proportion, and 2) I know that an “unhealthy” hamburger is just a piece of meat, a small salad, and a piece of bread thrown together – each considered healthy until put together.

You do not need to stick to food holidays as there are several holidays throughout the world. You do not have to celebrate only what is in your country, culture, or religion. When you are truly celebrating something outside your experience, you will at least want to understand why the celebration exists. I don’t recommend celebrating something which is morally wrong to you. (That said, if there is something you are morally opposed to which is celebrated by many people, I suggest looking into what is being celebrated enough to at least understand why it is celebrated. It is always good to open your mind enough to understand others.) Why not celebrate Labor Day on every day it occurs throughout the world? Not all countries celebrate it on the same day. I have mentioned the many New Year Days that exist. Celebrate Christmas, Ramadan, and Hanukah as well as all the other religious holidays. Celebrate the Independence Day and Memorial Day of all the countries. You do not need to be of that country to wish them or their military well.

Don’t forget your own personal holidays such as birthdays and anniversaries. If you know enough people, these can fill your year. You can simply celebrate the birthday of each person you know.

The celebrations do not need to be elaborate. Your celebration of an acquaintance’s birthday can be just to wish them a happy birthday, or of a food holiday by just having a bite or two of the celebrated food. The idea is to find something each day to take joy in and celebrating is one fun way to do it. Of course, you don’t have to keep it simple. You can go all out for any holiday. I do suggest not going all out every day or it will likely become mundane.

If all else fails, remember that in Alice and Wonderland “unbirthdays” were celebrated.

However you do it, find something each day to be joyful about as this will help you feel more optimistic about life in general.

One universal day coming up is the solstice. Celebrate the start of Summer or Winter, depending on where you are.

Have a great month!