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Extra Tips to Stop the Spread of Viruses

by Tamara Martfeld

This is an extra bit of advice to keep well during the cold and flu season. The experts give some good advice to stop some sources of the nasty germs, but they ignore some which are overlooked by most people.

According to the experts you should frequently disinfect door knobs, counter tops, telephones, toys, desks, and rest rooms. But what about other items used most in many people’s every day life?

When was the last time your computer keyboard was cleaned? Has anyone else used your keyboard? How many other keyboards did that person use before using your keyboard? How many people using those keyboards are sick? I recommend cleaning your keyboard with alcohol at least once a week and after use by anyone else.

Do you pay with plastic? Did you use the key pad to key in a PIN or the stylus to sign you name or make selections/ Was either the key pad or stylus disinfected prior to your use? I strongly suggest using hand sanitizer every time you use one of these devises. Do it right after using the device and even before putting away your receipt. You don’t want to spread the germs on these devices to your wallet or purse (trust me – your purse or wallet already ha enough germs).

My favorite – have you gone into a medical establishment and been given a clip board with an attached pen or pencil to fill out a form? Have fun and ask the person who gave it to you when the writing tool was last sterilized. The look you get is priceless, especially in establishments which post information about not spreading the flu or virus. I suggest using your own writing tool, sterilizing the writing tool they give you, or using hand sanitizer after using the tool.

Observe your own activities and note when you are using anything other people also use, especially those items used with the hands. I think you get the idea from above. People have died from the flu and eliminating major sources of spreading the virus and germs can keep you alive.

That said, don’t go overboard. You need to be exposed to some germs and viruses to keep your immunity up. I watch writing implement use, never touch public trash cans or bathroom handles (use a paper towel), disinfect my computer keyboard, phone, and mouse at work every Monday, and wash my hands after shaking hands with others. I generally let everything else go. I have reduced my instances of illness by about 75% with these simple steps.

Have a Healthy New Year!