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It Is Possible

By Tamara Martfeld

There is a wonderful quote out there which says something along the line of anything someone can think of can be created. I love the concept because it enables a world of possibilities for the mind and creates a fun exercise for the mind. I also love the quote from Oscar Hammerstein II – “Impossible things are happening every day.” (Rogers and Hammerstein’s “Cinderella”)

Brainstorm as many “impossible” things you can think of either by yourself or with others. The topics to focus on are endless. Some possible topics for focus:

This may seem silly, but think of all the “impossible” things which have already occurred – possibly in your lifetime. We fly in airplanes daily, but flying at all was once considered impossible. Even after airplanes were around space flight was considered impossible, but we have landed on the moon. Driverless cars are in the process of being perfected. Computers now fit in the palm of your hand.

Past science fiction is no longer really science fiction. When Jules Verne wrote about submarines and space flight they were fantasy. Even more recent science fiction is no longer science fiction. Star Trek has many examples: the “communicator” is basically the current cell phone; there is a “universal translator” which has been developed, although it is not yet to the Star Trek standards; the flight decks of some spaceships came right out of Star Trek – the scientists noticed that it was more efficient and used it as a model. Some writer thought of these ideas and they came to be. I am looking forward to the invention of the transporter!

The only limits for coming up with the ideas are in your own mind. The only limits to implementing the ideas are the available resources. Some ideas may depend on something not yet invented, so you may not see the results of your thinking.

You stretch the mind by opening it to the realm of the impossible. Doing this activity may help you think of “impossible” solutions to current issues which are not so impossible after all.

Have fun with this activity!