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Find Solutions to Problems to Develop the Mind

By Tamara Martfeld

As anyone with any awareness of the world today knows, there are many problems and issues for which a viable solution has not been found. Some of the problems and issues have temporary or inadequate solutions, but the currently suggested solutions are not working or the problem would no longer be there.

Even if it seems like there is not solution for the problem or issue, there is nothing to stop people from looking for a solution. I truly believe that every problem or issue that exists has a solution and we simply have not yet found it. Some of the solutions have not been found because the science is not yet there. For example, when I was in grade school there was a speaker from NASA. He showed us a large computer component which looked about 4 inches by 2 feet by 2 feet in size. Remember, I was a child and my measurements may be a little off. He then described the problem that several of these were needed to run the space ship and that 1) they were too big to fit in the ship, and 2) they were too heavy even if they could fit. The scientist worked hard to solve the problem and came up with what looked like a small, flat item about 1 inch square. What was on that item is now microscopic. In this case, the science had to be developed to solve the problem.

By using your brain to try to solve some of the “unsolvable” issues and problems, you are stretching your mind. Since the problems and issues “cannot be solved”, you will need to think outside the box and explore areas not yet explored in relation to what you are trying to solve. Walt Disney was known for searching everywhere for ideas including servers in restaurants and others totally outside his field. Some ideas for finding solutions include looking at another field which seems unrelated and finding similarities, taking a random word in a dictionary and relating it to the issue or problem, or simply letting your mind go into the realm of science fiction and make believe. If you think this last idea is ridiculous, just look at the science fiction over the last 50-60 years and compare it to current day reality. Many of the ideas from science fiction are now reality.

This exercise will help you get in the habit of looking to new areas when solving problems and may help you find solutions faster.

Below are some suggestions of problems and issues to solve. Of course, you do not have to use this list. You probably have some of your own to solve. Who knows? You may be the person to find the viable solution and maybe become rich and famous!:

Global Warming, or proving it does not exist as the case may be

Have lots of fun and enjoy the rebirth of spring, or the colors of fall, depending on where you live.