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Color Your Way to Creativity

By Tamara Martfeld

To help develop a creative mind, use the various coloring books now available for adults (or even the children’s coloring books). You don’t have to color in the lines if you do not want to do so. However, use a variety of colors – as many as pleases your eye. Be creative in the colors you choose. The sky does not have to look realistic. The grass can be purple, the sea can be yellow. Use your imagination!

If you are able to concentrate on the coloring and eliminate all other matters from your brain you will find yourself more creative and less stressed.

Coloring will help you open the mind. It is an activity which does not require a lot of thought, so the mind can wander. By using the creative side of your brain you open the pathways between the creative and analytical parts of your brain. These pathways can help you find creative solutions to any issues or problems you may have.

If you are stressed out, coloring can help relax you and your brain. A friend at work was very stressed due to a heavy workload. She brought a picture to color during a required meeting (it was allowed by the boss after she explained prior to the meeting what she was doing) and found her stress level had reduced. This was the first time she had tried coloring for stress relief and she found it helped her significantly.

There are many types of coloring books available. There are intricate designs, mandalas, animals, flowers, and people, as well as a variety of other topics. As stated earlier, there are books created for adults. Books created for children will have bigger areas to color, and this may be more appealing to some people. I would be very surprised if you cannot find a topic of interest.

The tools you use can be anything which creates color. Colored pencils are popular for adults, but you can use crayons, chalk, colored pens, or even paint if the paper will hold the paint (some paper might be too thin). If you really want to be creative you can try charcoal and obtain different colors of black and grey through shading.

Regardless of your choices, I strongly suggest getting at least one book and a tool of choice for the color and give this medium a try. It sounds childish and silly if you have not colored recently. However, the wide variety of books designed for adults indicate that it is now a popular adult activity and no longer just for children.

Enjoy yourself and have a wonderful holiday. Enjoy all this extra light we are getting in the evening.

Until next time…