Abundant Optimism

Helping people regain and keep an optimistic outlook in challenging circumstances and improve their creativity, mind, and skills.

Welcome to Abundant Optimism! The purpose of this website is to help people regain and keep an optimistic outlook.

Optimism is defined by Webster as the belief that good will prevail and cheerful hopefulness. I believe this can be accomplished by taking control of one’s life and improving one’s self to be prepared for change. When one is prepared for change the change is not as frightening and can be challenging and fun.

On this site I have articles to help people look at a situation from a different perspective and improve various areas of their lives. I also have links to tools on other sites which I believe will help in areas of self-improvement or taking control of an area of one’s life.

This site is new effective 7-9-11. The material currently on the site is limited due to being so new and will be added to on a periodic basis. I am maintaining an update log so that viewers can see what has been added since their last visit. A newsletter will be coming shortly.

I thank my sister for her large amount of help in helping me design this site and get it published. Without her expertise I would still be working on it.

If you found out about this web site by a means other than word-of-mouth, please send me an e-mail and let me know your source.